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Our Chinchilla Family - Goldbar

Origin of this mutation:
The first goldbar to be born was at June Baar's ranch in California. She was born on May 11, 1995 out of two standards purchased from Ellis Adcock. The sire was from a line that Ellis confirmed he purchased from Doug Wilson. Doug Wilson is not to be confused with the Wilson of wilson white. The name goldbar was given to this recessive white mutation because of the champagne or gold color. Hence the term, "goldbar". Many people have mistaken the goldbar as the wellman beige but in fact they are not the same mutation.
We no longer breed goldbars, but can refer those who would like to purchase a goldbar to another well known breeder in NY. Photos below are just from our past babies.


Goldbar Male Bred By Traci Mulkins


Goldbar Male Bred Here.


Goldbar Female Bred Here.

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