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Chinchilla Mutations

Homo Ebony mated to: Brown Velvet mated to:
Violet 46.88% Ebony/ Violet Carrier
46.88% Ebony
3.13% Standard/Violet Carrier
3.13% Standard
Sapphire 6.25% Standard/Ebony and Sapphire Carrier
93.75% Ebony/Sapphire Carrier
Hetero Ebony 61.11% Hetero Ebony
36.11% Homo Ebony
2.78% Standard/Ebony Carrier
Hetero Ebony 6.25% Standard/Ebony Carrier
6.25% Black Velvet/Ebony Carrier
6.25% Beige (Hetero or Homo)/Ebony Carrier
18.75% Hetero Ebony TOV
18.75% Ebony
12.50% Pastel
12.50% Pastel TOV
6.25% Tan
6.25% TOV Tan
6.25% Brown Velvet
Violet or Sapphire 25% Standard/Violet (or Sapphire) Carrier
25% Black Velvet/Violet (or Sapphire) Carrier
25% Beige (Hetero or Homo)/Violet (or Sapphire) Carrier
25% Brown Velvet/Violet(or Sapphire) Carrier

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