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Chinchilla Care - Dust Bath

A chinchilla needs to be dusted at least 1- 3 times a week. Depending on how often it is handled. Chinchilla dust can be found at any pet store and usually costs between five to ten dollars for a bag. The Blue Cloud dust is the best for chinchillas. We sell it here at $1.25 per lb. Blue Sparkle is another dust recommeneded for those who find it hard to get blue cloud.

Use a metal pan that has at least three to four inches high for all the sides, so that the dust won't go all over the floor when they dust. There are also bath houses made specifically for chinchillas, or dusters (for breeding runs).

Never allow the dust pan to be kept inside the cage all the time, because dust is never actually that clean, and chinchillas do not need to sleep or go to the washroom in it and bathe again. It can cause eye infections if left in their cage for a long time, and if a chinchilla dusts for too long. The most time a chinchilla needs to dust itself is ten minutes.

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