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Chinchilla Care - Weekly Cleaning

Chinchillas need their cages cleaned out every week. The best way to clean it is with bleach mixed with hot water. Bleach is best for cleaning all surfaces inside the cage (add bleach to hot water). It disinfects as well as takes all bacteria out of the cage. Wipe everything after with cold water. Let dry. Use bleach on metal surfaces, not wood.

Other alternatives used are vinegar and water also and perfect for wooden surfaces. If your chins are ill from a parasite, please throw out all wooden surfaces instead of cleaning. As cleaning will not get rid of the parasite on wooden surfaces.

Always use kiln dried pine shavings, but not cedar. Aspen also is recommended.

Chinchilla water bottles should be cleaned out every three days at least. This would be to remove the bacteria that settles inside the bottles as well as any algae or anything that can possibly begin growing inside the bottles. Red algae and green algae can make chins very ill and sickly and it should never be left inside the bottles.
Also all food dishes should be cleaned out every day.

For the best health of your chinchilla (s), always make sure they are clean and have a clean cage.

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