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Chinchilla Care - Chinchilla Housing

Chinchillas live in all different types of cages. Pet owners usually use larger pet cages of minimum of 2 ft � 2ft � 2ft in size. Breeders sometimes use runs for breeding, and these vary in sizes.

Chinchillas like to have platforms in their cage to jump from. But please do not put too high, in case of injury from a chin falling. They do not always make perfect jumps from ledges.
And tree branches or wood to chew on also. Chinchillas need them to chew on because their teeth are continually growing. For a complete list of what is and is not good for chins to have to chew on click here.

Sleeping houses also are something that every chinchilla needs. This is for in the daytime, so that chinchillas aren't disturbed in their sleep by people or animals in the house. Sleeping houses are also good for a place where the young can be if the mother decides to mate again with her mate. (I do not condone nor am suggesting to allow females to be with the male after pregnancy, as this will cause a breed back. Please wait two weeks before placing the male with the female after she has given birth. Females deserves rest after birthing or else you may find it will deteriorate health if not lead to problems with pregnancy.) Chinchillas also like privacy as well.

The best kind of room for a chinchilla's cage is one that is not drafty or cold or too hot, and is not used often. Never put the cage by the front door, or in any place where people or animals go by it often. Also never put a cage in the middle of a room. Try to keep the temperature in their room at 66 - 68 degrees fahrenheit. If you find it is too hot, please get an air conditioner. Chinchillas do not pant or sweat like us or other animals. They can have heat stroke due to this.

Never let other household animals near the chinchilla's cage if they are terrorizing it or frightening the chin. This can affect your chinchilla's behavior. You'll notice your chin may begin to bite its fur and might become less than friendly with you. Chinchillas also act out if their cage is too small, or too crowded. Many reasons for a chinchilla's behavior can be found in exactly where your chinchilla's cage is located and what kind of environment they are in.

Chinchillas are best to have either water bottles, or watering systems to provide water. Never use metal dishes for water, because the metal can leech into the water. For their pellets or hay, try to use a ceramic dish or feeder that attaches outside the cage.

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